About us

The company

Founded in 1974 by Angelo and Fausto Ciancaleoni as a family business , the company is today an international benchmark in the foundation drilling field.

Pioneer and visionary entrepreneur, Angelo’s son, Mauro, takes over the reins of the family business in 1991, developing a market that was almost non-existent before then, the second-hand drilling rigs: not only a trader, he buys high-quality drilling machines that after the refurbishing and overhauling get a new life.

The Study, research and the will to develop the company, together with highly specialized collaborators, lead to important investments in technology for the production and supply of highly efficient Casings Pipes and accessories, which cover all the needs of the drilling compartment.

Ciancaleoni is also the exclusive distributor of “Geax” pile drilling machines in Italy, Argentina and Romania and an authorized reseller of BETEK spare parts.


New life for drilling: production of highly reliable refurbished machines and innovative high efficiency drilling equipment.


To be a benchmark in the world of drilling for the second-hand drilling rig market and production of foundation accessories.
Contribute to the prosperity and improvement of the lives of the operators who work there, through the offer of:

  • highly reliable overhauled machinery,
  • high efficiency accessories,
  • a partner always present in solving every problem,
  • professional and fast pre and post sales services.

Value proposition

  • We offer a unique work experience, through the use of our products.
  • We increase the value and productivity of our customers by offering highly reliable and efficient refurbished drilling rig and accessories.
  • We make life easier for operators working in the world of drilling thanks to the quality of our products and the professionalism of our services.
  • We look after the ecosystem and safeguard resources and energy by giving new life to existing machines and producing innovative and highly efficient devices.
  • We anticipate the needs and solve our customers’ problems quickly and competently, minimizing the loss of time.
  • We create value for the people who work in Ciancaleoni, through training sessions, sharing and mutual support, encouraging personal and professional growth according to everyone’s talents.
  • We create a welcoming and supportive working environment for all collaborators, in order to fully express their potential and needs


  • Customer oriented

Each worker is projected to listen to and take care to the people who turn to Ciancaleoni, in order to:

  • offer quality products and services that meet their needs;
  • be quick and punctual in providing the service and in finding solutions that do not waste time for those who work on site;
  • assist customers in their projects and support them in development.